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As the dust settles after the Crufts weekend we reflect on some of the winners. The competition is a brilliant for showcasing some of our favourite breeds as well as some we haven’t seen before. While as a community we live for the Spaniels and Labs its great to see other working dogs strutting their stuff. In this years competition we had two breeds win big awards against impressive competition. Elsie the Irish Setter won the Gundog class. An amazing feat for a breed that has been in decline since their hey day. While Maisie the Wire-haired Dachshund went on to win the whole thing! We think its brilliant that these dogs have performed and shone on the international stage. Especially while competing against a whole host of other dogs.

While not common place in a shooting line both dogs have serious sporting status so don’t write them off just yet. In Germany the Wire-haired Dachshund or Teckels as they’re referred to are prized for their nose, stamina and size. With unnerving resilience they are at home tracking down rodents or Roe deer. Something you may not expect looking at its diminutive stature compared to other hounds. Conversely, the Setters reputation in the UK have been diminishing with the rise of Spaniels and Labs. Setter registration rates have dipped below 1000 pups each year with Irish red and White setters accounting for 63 pups in 2016. They have a reputation for being clumsy but this seems to be a misconception. European hunters have a huge affinity for the breed and their derivatives Red,Gordon and English. With a graceful knack of covering tricky terrain they’re naturally confident in pointing game making them a perfect shooting breed.


To read more about Maisie the Wire-haired Dachshund please click Here and to read more about Elsie please click Here

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