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Having a perfect gunfit is an often overlooked part of shooting. Everyone worries about barrel length or cartridge choice with both being redundant without proper gunfit. Many off the shelf stocks suit average build but don’t cater for cheek bones or bulky shoulders so may throw people off. It’s easy to make a gun fit while in the shop, depending on clothing the gun will feel different each time. When mounted in store with a t-shirt in Summer compared to your shooting clothes this will throw off the fit. This may be disappointing that in full winter wear the stock is too long throwing off the mount completely. Adjustable stocks are a common alternative that can be moved accordingly in whatever condition. An adjustable stock isn’t common in the field however as they lose the traditional look. You may also grow somewhat tired of adjusting the stock rather than practicing technique. The only real option for a traditional look is commissioning a bespoke shotgun.

At Perazzi, fitting is included in the price of the gun as they are made to exact specifications already. Prices will vary with other manufacturers as well as the potential for other options like wood and engraving. The process at the factory gives you the option to pick your exact specifications. With a choice of wood, styling of the stock and forend this will make sure the wood to metal fit is exact. Certainly not as simple as buying off the shelf but far more rewarding and the finished product is perfect.

The blog written by Bywell Shooting Ground is a brilliant insight into what the process entails. The blog gives the perspective of trips to both Beretta and Perazzi. The biggest surprise is the speed in which the measurements are taken and how many adjustments are made. However, within a day the dimensions are set and the stock goes away for chequering and oiling. A slow but rewarding process as hand chequering and the well oiled grain ads  character and last an extremely long time.

The end product is unbelievable, in the hands of the shooter the dimensions are perfectly proportioned and the gun looks completely natural in the shooter’s hands. Wherever the gun a bespoke shotgun will be unique. When the wood an action are built together the gun feels solid and purposeful. With these guns it will be a human eye in charge of every step of the process. The small niggles are picked up and perfected before the consumer ever sees the end result.

If this is a process that you’re considering undertaking then we recommend reading this blog from Bywell Shooting ground.  A first hand perspective of experiences of both Beretta and Perazzi. A step by step insight into every stage of the fitting process and what a trip to the factory looks like.

To find out more about the process please click Here

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