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The Range Rover is a staple of the British roads and countryside. The big 4×4 has been the benchmark of luxury motoring for decades with new models doubling down on its proven formula. While competing brands will try and improve certain areas of what Land Rover do best, the Range Rover is only topped by the latest iteration. With that in mind, what makes this new one better than the last. Can the new Range Rover be more luxurious or better than the last one? It looks fairly similar to the “old” one but apparently, there’s plenty of new features to get excited about.


Before looking at what makes the new Range Rover important it’s key to understand what got it to its pedestal. The Range Rover laid the foundation for what is now the hugely popular 4×4/SUV market. The Range Rover was always a combination of luxury and performance without compromise. Even in 1954, you could have a heater, 4 wheel drive, plush seats while maintaining the rugged off-road performance. The Diesel evolution of the first model broke 27 records including the fastest diesel off-roader to 100 mph and the furthest travelled in 24 hours. You could already see Range Rover building the foundations for the perfect all-rounder.

By 2005 you could have all the luxury clad around a Supercharged engine that will get you 0-60 in 7.2 seconds. This was the model where you’d find trims aptly named Vogue SE, Westminster and Autobiography. For the fieldsports enthusiast, you’d also find the Holland and Holland Edition coming with the rear gun box and drinks cabinet as standard. Jeremy Clarkson also wrote in his Sunday Times column that the TDV8 was the best Car and 4×4 in the world. That’s a big claim when your job revolves around driving the latest and greatest vehicles from around the world.

The outgoing model is the culmination of all this work. The sort of vehicle where your trip from A to B is no more tiring than sitting in your favourite chair. Leave the main road for the mud and nothing changes. The Range Rover squats and adjusts itself to cope with any terrain. It was also their first model to include a Hybrid system designed to complement their Diesel engine. Their sign off for this engine was an incredible journey from Solihull to Mumbai following the old Silk Road.

So whats new about the new Range Rover

The current model is a vehicle we’re particularly fond of. The Shoot App founder has had his L405 for over 5 years and it has been fantastic. From school runs to cross country jaunts, it’s been exemplary while being the perfect shooting companion. By the time the new model comes out this car will be 8 years old and potentially in the hot seat for replacement. To replace the outgoing model the new one will have to have something rather special to usurp its older brother.

The launch looks incredibly promising, with features and future-proofing in mind. Land Rover has taken out 125 new patents to protect the design and development of the latest model. The interior has been refreshed with a “modest” 13.7 inch screen with a heads up display in the windshield. This new model is the first Range Rover to be offered with a third row of seating. The iconic rear tailgate now has a fold out backrest to compliment the ever popular picnic spot.

The exterior has been smoothed out with minimal body lines and even retracting door handles. This results in a cabin that’s 25% quieter for the occupants. The bumper sensors have been hidden and the front while the rear end has been simplified. The rear lights shine with a subtle hue while the indicators are hidden beneath a rear strip. Thankfully, designers have learnt from the Discovery 5 and left the numberplate plum in the middle. The result is something subtle yet purposeful, there’s nothing that looks out of place it just looks right.

Under the hood, the lineup is fairly similar to the outgoing model. The full fat engine is a BMW 4.4 V8 Twin Turbo unit putting out 530 HP. The Hybrid model can offer 60 miles of range and achieve all electric speeds of 80 MPH but not both at the same time. Wait until 2024 and you’ll be able to have an all electric model, you can complement this with a vegan leather interior if you want to go full eco. We expect to see all the models in the outside lane of a motorway near you come 2022.

Fieldsports proof?

If you were to outlay a minimum of 95K for the new Range Rover you’d want to know that you won’t be getting stuck. I wouldn’t want to know the comments made if your first shoot involved getting towed out of a small rut. Especially if the rescue vehicle happens to be an older green oval model. Thankfully this doesn’t look to be a problem with this latest model. Wading depth has been increased to match the current Defender model, axle articulation range is half a meter and all wheel steering for tight manoeuvres.

The body is stiffer while the new trick suspension is smarter. Inside this translates to less movement in the cabin while the suspension works harder underneath. On the road, the sensors on the front inform the suspension of what’s coming up and make sure to stiffen or slacken off when needed. The maximum ground clearance is 45 cm but sits at 30cm most of the time. Accompanied by the active locking rear differential this latest Range Rover should have no problem getting in and out of trouble without a hitch. To get a closer look at the new model it’s worth watching this video below.


For Range Rover this is business as usual, they’ve maintained the key styling elements and refreshed and updated anything old or tired. This new design is sleek and refined while the interior is as luxurious as ever. While the Range Rover never has been a Q car it certainly is refined. Each iteration seems like a huge task, but each time they add and implement something new and double down on whats worked. In this case, it’s better leather, a quieter cabin, more room and more luxury. The new model looks fantastic and the interior has been refreshed for a more relaxing driving experience.

All in the new Range Rover is exactly what the new Range Rover always has been. It’s more comfortable, more useable and more practical. By 2024, the all electric model will be the most luxurious EV on the road. This is from a brand that has always had a V8 in its lineup. 51 Years of V8’s accompanied by an all electric model are the signs of a modern, forward thinking brand. Land Rover clearly know their customers, it’s not a loud or garish design. It’s stunning compared to the Cullinan, Imposing next to the DBX and more refined than what the Bentega will offer you. The new Range Rover has once again proved its the king of the road.

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