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Throughout the season many of us will be supplementing our weekly meals with a game alternative. Through the season we will stock up all sorts of game, some for the freezer and others to cook. The eat some save some process is fairly common and leaves you with a little leftover for post season meals.

However, it normally runs out after a couple of months leaving a long wait till the start of the next season. So seeing someone trying to draw these stocks out over a year was exciting and ambitious. It was never going to be straightforward with supply not in abundance but from help from local suppliers they worked through the summer months.

The biggest takeaway from the article is the frustration that the amount of people who don’t take the game away with them. Either because they don’t know how to prepare the birds or they are intimidated by the cooking process. Game isn’t a direct replacement in the cooking process, a little more difficult and dreadful when overcooked. For prepping a feathered bird can be a little intimidating but once the feet and feathers are off its not different to a chicken. With some practice and a bit of patience, it becomes a methodical process and you can get through a brace in no time.

It’s also an insight into creating variety with limited supply. Not having access to go to the supermarket to provide different meat means that all these meals have to be planned out. Living of a fairly limited choice of meat means to avoid boredom the focus becomes on all the other ingredients instead.

plucking pheasants

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