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How diverse are UK’s moors

A brilliant video from the Pace Brothers. Set in the moors of Angus Glens they follow the work of the German Game Conservancy as they investigate animal population groups. From…

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FEATURED Guy Martin c.EM

Guy Martin breaking the record for the worlds fastest tractor!

  An awesome video of the fastest tractor in the world driven by the equally brilliant Guy Martin! On his run Guy manages to push his modified JCB FastTrac to…

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Tweed: From the slopes to the seamstress to the shoot

An awesome video from the PaceProductions UK on the production of Tweed. From the traditional Tweed mills turning the wool into tweed, to the tailors at Campbells of Beauly. Its…

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Trust Cartridge Manufacturing

  A mesmerising video from the Trust factory in Spain making a batch of their awesome cartridges. We’ve found the video hypnotising as cartridge after cartridge head along the production…

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The Game Chef

  A brilliant video from the Countryside alliance promoting the exceptional quality of Game meat that we produce in the UK and ensuring this standard remains high. The standards of…

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From factory to Field with a Beretta SO

An insightful video from the Beretta factory showing the process of a Beretta SO shotgun being manufactured. Each individual component has to go under the microscope to ensure absolute perfection.…

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