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The vegan vs hunter conversation rears its head again. This stance is always interesting as many of the values are similar to the other party but the way its approached isn’t. To harvest your own animal general means you put a significant value on the provenance of that animal. You take that step to remove the farmed process from your food intake. The vegan stance is that animals aren’t a necessary part of a human diet.  While I’m not going to break down why I think that’s wrong I don’t believe a diet should be balanced with vitamin supplements. On an environmental level, it doesn’t add up that we could sustain everyone on a diet like that. We’ve already seen what impacts heavy irrigation in California and Spain to farm on a mass export scale.

Rachel Carrie is probably one of the best examples we could have had from our community. Rachel doesn’t fit the general stereotypes that the fieldsports community is often stigmatized with. She manages the situation incredibly well and has been a vegan previously she understands that perspective. Ed is a well know vegan activist and makes a good case for himself here. It would have been great to see him answer questions on the viability of large scale veganism. That questions often answered with we’d just use the land used to keep livestock. Unfortunately, livestock is reared in places where a crop isn’t viable and certainly not on an industrial scale. Best of luck trying to grow a crop on the Cumbrian hills where sheep graze or wheat on the rocky land of Wales.

The videos definitely worth a watch, it is missing some of the more intricate arguments that we’d like to see. However, it has plenty to look into and certainly worth sharing around. Giving both parties a fair chance to talk with no shouting its a very interesting watch.

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