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As some of you may know, at the end of last year we donated two spaniel puppies to the Medical Detection Dogs. The puppies have been away since the start of the year. We’d thought this would the perfect opportunity to get an update from the MMD about how our pups are getting on. While they won’t be part of their efforts to help Covid-19 they will be part of their future projects.

Dotty and Dixie are now six months old and will soon be allocated their red ‘in training’ coats. Dotty lives in Newton Longville with her socialisers and a cockerpoo named Lola whilst Dixie lives in a hamlet near Brackley.

Dotty is a bright and busy spaniel and is enjoying her training, Dixie is very tactile and has a cheeky and fun nature, she enjoys learning and thinking for herself. Early socialisation is a key part of any dog’s training programme and, (before the COVID 19 restrictions), they were both regularly seen visiting cafés, garden centres and shops, receiving lots of admiring glances from members of the public. Dotty has been spending lots of time learning to walk calmly on the lead as she can be distracted by people, other dogs and birds. She is being taught to stay calm around people she knows and walks nicely through doorways. Dixie has struggled somewhat when visiting new environments and we have been working on building her confidence around new people and places at her pace, she has a sensitive nature and can become quite vocal if she is frustrated on the lead. Dotty and Dixie have now started to come to fortnightly socially distanced classes at the centre and are practicing wearing their training jackets at home during the lockdown. Dotty loves her toys and has learnt to retrieve them back to her socialiser in the garden and on walks.


Dotty is the second puppy that her current family has socialised for Medical Detection Dogs, whilst Dixie is the fourth dog and second working cocker spaniel that her socialiser has looked after for the charity. Both puppies are a pleasure to have around the house.

We are really pleased with their early progress and thank you so much for your support in this vital first stage of his training. We’ll be back in touch when they are 12 months old to let you know how they get on with the next, important steps to becoming a life-saving dogs.


Cocker spaniel siblings medical detection dogs

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