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Understanding the new Ineos Grenadier

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The Ineos Grenadier is the latest iteration of a truly rugged off road vehicle. Built from the ground up, the Grenadier offers what many people have been asking for. A highly mechanical design with a low reliance on electronic systems should offer a low fuss ownership experience. The Grenadier has cues from all the off road icons we’ve ever seen, a bit of Gwagon, Defender, Bronco tied into one. You can tell that functionality has played a huge part in reaching the cars final form. Since the initial release, the Grenadier has only got more exciting and increasingly impressive.

Whos the Grenadier for?

The Grenadier has been built with functionality in mind. A worrying amount of modern 4×4’s are leaving the dealership with road going tyres. The Discovery 5 can be spec’d with 22″ wheels with low profile tyres. Good enough to get you out of a damp field but not convincingly. However, Ineos flips this on its head and offers the iconic BF Goodridge as their optional extra. These certainly aren’t tyres that you’d want for getting around London on a daily basis. For those looking for a Chelsea tractor this certainly isn’t one, if you’re looking for something more country than town this is it.

Ineos Grenadier

How rugged is it?

New cars with big tyres and bumpers is nothing new to the automotive industry, this isn’t the case with the Grenadier. This isn’t a brand branching out into off roaders but a brand committed to making an off road vehicles. There is no brand history to influence design, mechanics or performance but just the goal to build a propper off roader.

The mechanics of the car are where the money is spent. A transfer box from Tremec and a ZF gearbox is a seriously potent combination. Tremec are renowned for their high performance components and the ZF box is regarded as one of the best automatic gearboxes available today. These really are fit and forget components that should last decades.

The suspension has been built from the ground up. Using the innovations of other manufacturers and the requirements of 4×4 fanatics they’ve designed something fantastic. Panhard rods to limit lateral movement, Simplified coil and shock assembly and reinforced dampeners create a solid platform for off roading.

The engine in the Grenadier will be the BMW B58 unit which has been used in their 3 Litre applications since 2016. The B58 has won wards engine of the year each year bar one since it came to market. This engine will be very comfortable in the Grenadier as its been used in the BMW x5 since 2018. For those who need a little more under the right foot, this block can handle 600+ HP on the stock internals. From the factory, the Grenadier’s petrol unit will come with a manageable 281HP.

What to expect

The luxury 4×4 market is saturated with vehicles from Land Rover, Mercedes and Audi. If you want exotic leather and whisper quiet cabins then look to these marques. However, at Holland and Holland money, many of these cars are unattainable. The Grenadier looks to offer rugged reliability at a more palatable price point. This comes with some compromises to luxury but none to reliability.

From around 50K you get a full fat no compromise off road machine. As you can see in the video, the car comes ready for every adventure you can imagine. Pre wired buttons for lights and accessories all hint at the huge considerations made for where these vehicles may end up. The greatest benefit this car has that everything is new. There’s no platform they had to use or generational updates they had to wait for. These components have been handpicked and designed to work from the get go. From what we can see, this is absolutely the case. The prototypes will cover 1 million off road miles before anyone takes delivery. This is a serious commitment to quality and control.

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