The Suzuki Jimny is the no frills 4×4 you didn’t know you needed

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Yes, you read that right. The boxy Jimny with its tiny stature and limited road presence is the 4×4 you didn’t know you needed. There are a few tricks this little car has up its sleeve however. These aren’t clever electronics but instead, its tried and tested no nonsense mechanics and versatility. If you consider the Jimny as a supersized road legal ATV then you begin to understand where we are coming from. As long as you keep this in mind you may start to understand the purpose of the Jimny shouldn’t stray too far from off roader. If the Jimny isn’t quite enough car we’ve compled a list of all rounders here.

First encounters

I first ran into an off roading Jimny when in an old Jeep Cherokee I owned. Taking a rather steep trail to get myself and some dogs too the flank of a beating line on a trail made for the quads to get to the feeders. Following the small Jimny, I took little notice of what the trail was doing. What i found quite quickly was the small ATV track was a fair bit narrower than the Jeep. As you might expect there was one wheel in the ditch and the other in the track. As I bumped up the hill at my 45 degree angle I reached the top unloaded and got on with the dog work. Back to the car with the birds racked the Jimney driver lead me again. This time we were going straight down the hill. A typical rocky path with an 100% chance of a rollover going too far left and no progress to be made going left. The Jimny raced off and met me again at the field exit. Game unloaded back at the yard and into the fridge, the day had just begun. Throughout the rest of the day the agility and the compact Jimney scaled terrain I didn’t think it would. Steep descents looked easy on its light frame and made light work of everything else.

What’s it like

The Jimny does exactly what it says on the tin. Its a hard working reliable 4×4 and that’s about it. The interior is rather agricultural and doesn’t offer much in the sense of luxury. However, if you’re truly offroading there is going to be little value in a center console TV. While there are only 4 seats I’m not sure you’d want an additional seat in the already tight cabin. The steering wheel is non adjustable so a one size fits all scenario here. While the interior isn’t all that exciting it’s comfortable enough and good enough to get you from A to B. The driving is rudimentary but comes alive off the road and onto more unstable terrain. Much like the defender pickups, the backs can be replaced for a whole host of things. Tipper beds and Livestock Covers are the norm but you can get a whole host of things on the back should you need it. If you’re curious it’s certainly worth a look at possible Jimny conversions here or KAP Suzuki Here.



The Jimny is a no nonsense vehicle and as long as you’re after a 4×4 it will do the trick. What it lacks in displacement and comfort it more than makes up for in versatility and ability. A similar size to Kubota with 8″ extra in wheelbase, slightly narrower and over 10″ shorter. Mix this compact package with a far more robust engine and you have a serious off road vehicle. It doesn’t take long on Google to see full mud bogger builds which will still come in for less than what you’d spend elsewhere. If your goal is to go anywhere at a moment’s notice for as little outlay the Jimny may be your choice.

You can read too Jimny reviews here which showcase the possibility of the Jimny.

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