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The least German advert for the Mercedes G Class

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Mercedes’s G Class is one of the most versatile models in its class. With the choice of a sensible diesel and the outlandish AMG model you have versatility, speed or both. Just as comfortable in central London as it is in a field in rainy Yorkshire, the G class may be king of the hill. With a cult following stemming from its utilitarian routes to its luxurious model now. The G class has certainly earned its nickname the G wagon and their latest one is the best yet.

Mercedes G Class off road


The AMG model is the boss when it comes to the G class, a monolithic engine and a purpose built chassis. Without getting into the technical specs, it will give a BMW M2 a run for its money at legal speeds. All of this while packing the family, the dog all while relaxing in air conditioned seats. While these speeds won’t help off road, the torque certainly will.

Even in the most modest spec, the G Class is no slouch. Its 3 litre diesel has plenty of power and torque to get it over any terrain. All models boast more ground clearance than a Land Rover Defender and almost 30% deeper wading depth. This is no surprise considering its military routes but impressive considering all the tech. Compared to a Defender it’s certainly more luxurious internally and externally.

This certainly isn’t a standard car and as such, Mercedes couldn’t have a standard advert. While we’re used to having a slick video similar cars sliding in and out of traffic, they’ve decided to do something different. The 4 minute ad takes the buyer Rob through some rigorous training. The training is to test Rob and whether he’s actually ready for the full fat AMG. Thankfully for Rob, he and his mother past the test and he graduates into G class ownership.


We love the advert and its dressed down approach. For what is quite a serious car its nice to see that Mercedes isn’t taking themselves too seriously. In a refreshing manner, the advert brings across its cars versatility without being intimidating. Ultimately this is a great reflection of the car, serious when it needs to be but refined otherwise. As the advert suggests, you may find yourself in the sand dunes with the windows down, but you can also get back on the tarmac and cruise home in comfort. We’ve been so used to 4×4 adverts enforcing their off road capabilities we forget everything else. Here we’re reminded that cars aren’t all serious and they’re designed for fun too. You can read more about the G Class Here.

If you’d like to see an off road test, have a look at our previous article Here

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