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As we all know lead shot will be no more within the next 5 years. The initial reaction was one of bemusement and frustration. There was little warning and few answers available to us at the time as to what the resolutions were. After some time the dust has settled and we have seen industry innovation like the QuadSeal from Gamebore. Steel shot is inevitable but we are wary of substandard products or damaging our guns. So what does an all steel future look like.

Thorkild Ellerbaek schoffel and Side by side
Thorkild Ellerbaek

This article from Sporting Shooter which outlines what the experience has been like in Denmark since the lead ban in 1996. For many starting out shooting in Denmark they have never experienced lead, Steel and Bismuth have been the only options for a long time. While it took a period of adjusting, Steel shot is the norm. It was surprising to read also but many older shooters are still using their older side by sides with steel. Naturally, they’ve been through a series of products and solutions some better than others. The products now have been refined and luckily for us, many are from British manufactures Eley and Gamebore. While shot density won’t be replicated the products are far better than when the ban came in Denmark. Now the problems on their own front door, it wouldn’t be surprising to see a reinvigorated effort to improve steel shot once again. Whether this is an innovation in wadding or a steel alloy that improves the shot we will wait and see.

Steel hex Shot for wild fowling
Steel Hex Shot

The Danish perspective is that we are quite lucky. They were the cartridge manufacturers guinea pigs in the 90’s and went through all prototype cartridges that were initially launched. Now we have the luxury of 24 years of development in Scandinavia without having to shoot poorly developed cartridges. To read the full Q&A please click Here.

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