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Breeding from your dog is a thought that will spring into people’s minds throughout their dog ownership. Even before you get to know your dog you may have this planned all along. After growing affectionate towards your dog there comes a thought about the next dog. While anyone can buy a dog there’s something special about breeding from your own dog. A generational team of working dogs is an iconic scene whether its Labs, Spaniels, or something else. We had a litter of Pups at The Shoot App and donated two to The Medical Detection Dogs charity.

Labrador puppy

While these thoughts are wonderful there are some financial implications to this. The idea that the odd litter is an easy way of making money has proven to be quite wrong. Once you’ve factored in microchips, the jabs the food and the peripheries just breaking even can be challenging. This also doesn’t factor in the potential for emergency veterinary appointments should something happen before or during birth. These are the potential pitfalls of breeding from your own dog.

Spaniel Puppy

Using your dog to stud isn’t always as straight forwards as it seems. With the scrutiny that goes into picking a stud constantly rising, there are a few tests that you should take before going to stud. Taking my Lab for example, he’s had hip, elbow, eye tests, and a blood test. The results of this showed him to be a carrier of a genetic eye disease that thins his studding options to genetically clear bitches only. The test wasn’t cheap and the chances of him being stud now are fairly low. However, without doing these tests the prices you can charge to stud would remain fairly low so it was an important test to take.

Whelping box for dog litter

Once the puppies are born there are other obstacles to over come. Until you have a scan you won’t know how many pups you have to offer. Naturally, a bigger litter is more desirable but puts more risk on the mother. You then have the task of allocating and finding homes for each of the dogs. Importantly, this is selling a dog to the highest bidder as you want to make sure the dogs go to happy homes. If the potential owner is someone you know then this process is far easier. Otherwise, you can typically gauge from the questions asked what the intentions are for the dog. If you’re breeding from two high drive working dogs then a puppy moving into a flat won’t be beneficial for pup or owner.

Newborn Labrador Dog

If none of this sounds too daunting then breeding from your dog may be a good choice for you. While at the moment puppy prices are inflated during lock down this won’t persist for much longer. Just make sure that you find the right partner for your dog and the right homes. With these in place, you will be in the right place for a successful litter. This shouldn’t be seen as a money spinning endeavor but a way of continuing your good linage of dog. If you’re dog’s a good example then this is a great opportunity to invest in the future of the breed. Personally, if I was to breed it would be to continue the linage of my own dog, Whatever choice to make, take care, and do your duedlligence.

Dog at the vet

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