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Whats in my shotgun cartridge?

24grams of this or 30 grams of that. When I first got into shooting I didn’t know what i was looking for. I believed the bigger the numbers meant the…

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Aston Martin DBX, enough to unseat the Range Rover?

Aston Martin have finally come out with their own SUV. An ultra premium 4×4 was well over due after the release of the Rolls Royce Cullian and the Bentley Bentaga…

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Gallway boot

Dubarry Galway Boot

These new boots from Dubarry make an excellent blend between  an equine and fieldsports style with a great leather trim and being offered in a variety colours to get you…

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Beretta 694 review

The latest clay bashing tool from Beretta takes the tech innovations learnt from the previous models of the 690 and the DT series. Constantly pushing for every advantage, this latest…

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the cartridges TGS

Are better chokes better?

The discussion about chokes is one that will never have a definitive answer. Depending on who what and where the answers different. However, is there value in buying better chokes…

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Range Rover Sport HST Review

The Shooting world is the parade ground for 4×4’s. With a plethora of manufacturers and cars coming in all sorts of colours shapes and sizes it can be difficult to…

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