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Should you buy a Semi Automatic shotgun

Semi automatic shotguns are a bit of a faux pas in the UK. Often seen as an American import and very unsporting the semi autos bad reputation is based on…

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Robs car 2

Range Rover ‘L405’ – Should you…?

Range Rovers have always had a bit of a mixed reputation on a shoot.  Maybe even a cliché; ‘Range Rover and black Labrador, Sir?’   I can certainly remember when I…

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Green defender

What 4×4 should you buy for less than 10£k

Going from a one dog to a two dog family previously took me from a salon car to a 4×4. Where before I could get away with a rear seat…

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2 dogs mallard drakes hanging

Could two dogs be better than one

A dog is a man’s best friend, but should you have more than one? Dogs are an incredible tool in fieldsports and serve a purpose that naturally, humans would struggle…

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Why one barrel may be all you need to go shooting

Over and Under or Side by Side? This is the choice that most people make whenpicking a shotgun. But very few ever consider the single shot. But why would you…

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How health tests affect dog breeding

This is a great article from Gundog Journal giving a different perspective on dog breeding. The discussion here is on health testing in Gundogs. As we all may or may…

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