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Range Rover is embracing Hybrid tech

When we think of on road luxury the Range Rover brand is hard to ignore. The Range Rover is a staple of British design which has been in UK towns…

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Shooting the Beretta SL3 at EJ Churchills

The Beretta SL3 is the middle ground between hand made and machine made shotguns from the Italian stable. The machine made action is finished by hand including the wood to…

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The History Of Shotgun Cartridges

When you pick up a box of shotgun cartridges you very rarely reflect on what it was like before. Just over a hundred years ago it was paper or brass…

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The Suzuki Jimny is the no frills 4×4 you didn’t know you needed

Yes, you read that right. The boxy Jimny with its tiny stature and limited road presence is the 4×4 you didn’t know you needed. There are a few tricks this…

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Vegan VS Hunter conversation with Rachel Carrie

The vegan vs hunter conversation rears its head again. This stance is always interesting as many of the values are similar to the other party but the way its approached…

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RR buried

Recovering a 2004 Range Rover thats been buried for a year

When buying a 2004 Range Rover you’ll be well aware of the common reliability issues that have plagued owners. The BMW vanos unit was quite vulnerable in these units and…

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