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Which Smallbore Calibre should you consider

Picking a smallbore calibre can be a tricky endeavour and will hinge on a number of factors. The real question is how far away from what you already have would…

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Christmas gift guide for the fieldsports enthusiasts

2021 has absolutley flown by and before we knew it we were shooting again and racing towards Christmas. Its been an interesting year with COVID threatening to come back at…

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What’s new about the latest Range Rover

The Range Rover is a staple of the British roads and countryside. The big 4×4 has been the benchmark of luxury motoring for decades with new models doubling down on…

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Land Rover Defender 110 pickup

Land Rover Defender vs Jeep Cherokee part 2

In February of this year, I argued that the Jeep Cherokee was a better vehicle than the Land Rover Defender. Since then it was bugging me that I had only…

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Top 10 Best Air Rifles to Consider

Many will own an air rifle before their first shotgun. They act as a perfect precursor to shotgun shooting and offer great insights into fieldcraft. Many of us are used…

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Steel Shot vs Lead Shot in Review

The move to Steel shot has been coming for some time as other nations have phased out lead consistently over 2 decades. Lead shot in the UK remained popular due…

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