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When we think of on road luxury the Range Rover brand is hard to ignore. The Range Rover is a staple of British design which has been in UK towns and country since 1969. The huge 4×4 came in a V8 or a 2.4L Diesel and the diesel versions were beefed up as the models grew larger, they were always big cars with big engines. By the second generation, you had 6 cylinders at a bare minimum.

While the times changed Range Rover stuck with maximum luxury and big engines to back it up. This is until now, the new Hybrid system fills the gap that the now Discontinued Range Rover has left. A brand new twin turbo inline 6 with a 48-watt hybrid system. This is 13 watt improvement on the old system while the engine provides the same torque and extra HP over the old supercharged V8 whilst loosing two cylinders.

New Range Rover PHEV

As the fieldsports circle is aware, times are changing. There’s no doubt that the future of vehicles is electric in some format. What the perfect system looks like we don’t know but we will only know with time and testing. There’s no doubt however that this system will be an improvement on the last one and just as luxurious as the current model.

Range Rover Sport PHEV

For off-road driving electric is a perfect solution as instant torque can give you grip from the get go. For the rural shoots this will be the perfect long different cruiser and shoot vehicle. Comfort on the journey there and then backed up with off road performance.

Range Rover PHEV side profile

The new Hybrid is a particularly smart looking car, especially in Westminster spec. The styling of these Range Rovers is exemplary and with the Hybrid, you’ll be comfortable to drive into the London ULEZ zone without having to worry about additional charges.

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