Police revoke the shotgun licences of two pigeon shooters

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As the title suggests, two shotgun shooters have had their licenses revoked. They were caught shooting on land that they didn’t have permission to shoot on during lockdown. Whether they had permission before the lockdown isn’t clear but they were breaking the rules regardless.

The Head of firearms licensing for North Yorkshire where this took place states. “I would like to reiterate the advice I have given certificate holders, which is if shooting is part of your work or employment, or it has been specifically requested by a landowner to protect their crops or livestock, then it is permitted.”

This reiterates what we said last week. Shooting is still viable as long as its part of essential work. This doesn’t include pest control as part of a routine but if the farmers requesting help to support his business then it is fine. As we are aware farming is continuing as normal so if the farmers asking support looking after livestock or maintaining a manageable level of pest birds then you’ll be ok. Please stay safe and make sure if you are heading out that firstly the Landowner is aware. Also, make sure that the work is essential to cover your own back.

As per usual standard quarantine practice still applies. Please don’t use this as a chance to catch up with mates. Sharing a hide is a big no and if you are going please keep yourself to yourself. Stay safe out there everyone and keep spirits high.

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