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Peter Crouch and Mason Mount go shooting

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After a fantastic Euro 2021 tournament and lockdown on the way out it’s been a fantastic summer so far. With football in mind, it’s great to learn a little bit more about Mason Mount who no doubt will be a part of English Football going forward. This clip shows Mason Mount taking a break from football and swapping his boots for a Beretta. His afternoon shooting at Bisley looks like a whole heap of fun with plenty of clays both hit and missed.

It’s also absolutely no surprise that Crouchy has a stock extension on the end of his Stock! We also have to give a 10/10 for effort in regards to the choice of clothing but think both may benefit from a couple of lessons. Its quite clear that all the years of football have gifted them both pretty good hand eye coordination. Let’s hope that both of them go back to shooting as its a fantastic sport and clearly they both enjoyed it.

It’s great to see their conversation about the friendships and bonds they’ve made through football as this resonates with the shooting community. Just like any sport, the sense of community is massive and once formed the bonds last a life time.

Jeremy Clarkson sums up pigeon shooting

This clip of Jeremy Clarkson is fantastic and sums up the experiences of many pigeon shooters in the UK. You can watch a patch of land for a week and see bird arrive consistently all day but it all changes the moment you set out to shoot. While pigeons are wily creatures, their 6th sense to danger is almost unparalleled.

After watching Jeremy’s fantastic Amazon Prime show, we think he might be beginning to realise farming isn’t as easy as it seems. Weather and Nature rarely play ball and will always change when it’s least convenient. Clarkson addressed this on Twitter and said his year was filled with, “unhelpful weather, disobedient animals and unresponsive crops”. We think this sums up all farming and isn’t as easy as the famous Mitchel and Webb sketch.

Clarkson’s show has been one of the best series for British farming. Many people prior to this will have perceived farming as seeds in the ground and 6 months later you reap what you sew. For many who do farm, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Poor weather, abundant pests and a whole host of other factors can turn a promising year sour quickly. Removing all the theatrics in the show Clarksons year was clearly impeded of a whole number of these factors. The viewers with limited exposure to farming and rural life hopefully see that farming isn’t straightforward.

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