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So is lead shot banned?

After some muttering about the possibility of a lead ban for a while we finally have the answer. While this isn’t a ban in law it’s certainly a statement that…

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Projekt Grenadier

Great news from the exciting Grenadier project. Looking forward to seeing some more images and seeing how close to the original design the Grenadier has stayed. It will definitely be…

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The General Licence on Leadhills Estate

In response to evidence of wildlife crime, Scottish Natural Heritage has announced that it is restricting the use of general licences on the Leadhills Estate in South Lanarkshire. As a…

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Whats the future for lead ammunition?

An article from the US on the debate between Hunters and legislators on the topic of lead ammunition. Looking at the situation in the UK it seems that we aren’t…

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BASC’s Schools Game Changer project

Awesome work from BASC! Its great seeing schools embracing wild game meat and educating the upcoming generations about the providence of their food and where it comes from. Ultimately education…

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