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How diverse are UK’s moors

A brilliant video from the Pace Brothers. Set in the moors of Angus Glens they follow the work of the German Game Conservancy as they investigate animal population groups. From…

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Recipe for Pheasant Kiev and mash

We love a good recipe here at The Shoot App and this is one of them! This is definitely a recipe to convert anyone who is uncertain about trying game…

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The brilliant story of Sam and Harry

We’re so excited to have the opportunity to share the story of Sam and Harry. Sam is a great guy who has a working Springer spaniel who’s been working desperately…

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So is lead shot banned?

After some muttering about the possibility of a lead ban for a while we finally have the answer. While this isn’t a ban in law it’s certainly a statement that…

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Projekt Grenadier

Great news from the exciting Grenadier project. Looking forward to seeing some more images and seeing how close to the original design the Grenadier has stayed. It will definitely be…

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