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Update on Dixie with The Medical Detection Dogs

As some of you may know, at the start of 2020 we donated two Cocker Spaniels pups to work with the Medical Detection Dogs. The work they carry out could…

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Rough Shooting during the lockdown

While the Driven game shooting is on a clear hiatus likely until the end of this year, Rough shooting may continue. In the same boat as pest control, Rough shooting…

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What Brexit means for Fieldsports

Brexit as a topic is something we haven’t discussed on this website before. It’s been discussed relentlessly since the outcome of the vote but pertinently it does affect fieldsports. As…

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What has changed in the New General Licenses

As of the first of January 2021 we will have new general licenses. While much of this will be familiar there are certain species that are no longer on there.…

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Rishi Sunak & his viral speech on Grouse Shooting

One thing the fieldsports world isn’t used to is public approval from MP’s but this speech from Rishi Sunak is different. At the time, Rishi Sunak is making the case…

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The RSPB’s latest stance on Game Shooting

On the 10th of October, the RSPB had its AGM and wrote up its stance on Game shooting. Tabloids have waded in with their opinion on the matter all in…

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