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Jeremy Clarkson reflects on his first year farming

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Jeremy Clarkson’s amazon prime show has been a revelation for farming and rural communities. The half comedy half documentary style show has given many people an insight into what it takes to farm in the UK. Clarkson himself was surprised at the extent of work required just to grow crops at scale. An estate of his size is a serious undertaking, especially for a first timer. You could tell from the first episode that the leaning kerb would be steep.

His post year debrief with Farmers Weekly is a fantastic insight into how the project felt behind the scenes. His discovery of Kaleb and Gerald we believe are truly the icing on top of the cake. Kaleb’s reluctance to leave his small radius around his home and the farm is endearing. While Gerald seems the happiest man on the planet rebuilding walls and harvesting. Both men have an infectious enthusiasm for farming which we think is what kept Jeremy on task. Lisa on the other hand seemed to be the realist in a lot of situations. This isn’t more evident than when she comes to see Jeremy’s initial attempt at rewilding.

Jeremy Clarkson in his veg patch

At the centre of it all, we had Jeremy who looked to be learning each day on how else nature can force his hands. Whether that be his sheep opening his chicken coups or the weather turning on him at a moments notice. We think he did a brilliant job in demonstrating that farming isn’t easy. If Clarkson can just make a 1000 acre farm truly profitable then the outlook for other farmers is a scary prospect.

We hope that for those who watched this show with only Countryfile for comparison they can see it’s not all plain sailing. While there are obviously great parts of the job, there is rarely a chance for a farmer to switch off from work. Taking on both arable and livestock farming in your first year is a hell of a job. It will be interesting to see whether he will undertake the same task again. Will he take on sheep in the second year? probably, but without his own farm shop it might have been a fruitless endeavour. Thankfully with the backing of Amazon, Clarkson had the chance to try a bit of everything. We enjoyed the Wasabi, the bees and the huge mushrooms and his excitement about all of them really shone through.

Jeremy Clarkson with Kaleb

The reception of the show has been fantastic and proven to be as educational as it has been entertaining. As time went on you saw Clarkson become a bit more serious and learned in his approach. In the closing scene, you see that despite the challenges, he’d rather be there than back in London. In this interview, he talks about the complexities of being a farmer in the UK. Namely, legislation made up in London and enforced upon farmers. This style of governance has plagued fieldsports for years especially in relation to grouse. Clarkson’s closing statement sums up the job of a farmer and having to be a jack of all trades. Such as “a midwife, vet, agronomist, fortune teller, businessmen, gambler, entrepreneur, mechanic”. These skills can be called upon at any time of day, 365 days a year.

This first season will not be the end of Clarkson’s farm. Season 2 has been confirmed to be going ahead with all of our favourite cast members. While Kaleb would like to call it Kaleb’s farm, we’re just happy to see that we get a Season 2. We’re hoping to see the weather and the sheep look after Clarkson a little better this time around. It will also be great to see what hairstyle Kaleb will bring to season 2. We’re expecting bigger tractors, more mishaps but hopefully more of the same. We love the confirmation of the return of the show from Amazons Head of Originals, suggesting Mother Nature’s taking revenge out on Jeremy for all his years driving fast cars.

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