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Hampshire Pheasant with Roast Chestnuts, Kale, Pan fried Oyster mushrooms & Red Wine Sauce. 

Serves 4 


4 x Pheasant breast 

1 x bunch thyme 

2x cloves of Garlic 

Curly Kale 

12 x whole British chestnuts 

200g x Oyster mushrooms 

Rapeseed oil 

Salt & Pepper 

Parcel or parsley 

100ml red wine 

50 ml Chicken stock 

1 large shallot 


Veal Jus 





  1. Score, roast and peel the chestnuts in the oven and place to one side 
  1. prep and blanch the curly kale in boiling water  
  1. Prep the oyster mushrooms ready to be cooked 
  1. Season the pheasant breast with Salt & pepper and place in a. Pre heated pan with a little rapeseed oil in and roast until golden brown and cooked, add a knob of butter and the thyme and a clove of garlic. Basie and leave to rest 
  1. In the same pan fry off the oyster mushrooms until golden brown and season (at the end) and finish with the cooked chestnuts and some chopped parcel. 
  1. Warm the kale in the oven and start to plate up your dish 
  1. The kale will go on the plate first, followed by the peasant breast then the mushrooms & chestnut garnish. 
  1. Finally, drizzle some red wine sauce over the dish and serve. Red wine sauce- (quick version) 



Red Wine Sauce 


  1. Chop the shallot and salt in a little rapeseed oil with a crushed garlic clove and some thyme. 
  1. When golden add in the red wine and bring to the boil, reduce by 50% 
  1. Add in some chicken stock and reduce again by 50% 
  1. Add some Bisto until the sauce coats the back of a spoon. 
  1. Season with salt and pepper and a little red wine vinegar if required. 



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