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In honour of International Women Day we want to share this piece on Anita North. With a brilliant career starting with amateur competitions to shooting for England wining individual and team medals. Accomplishments to this extent are rare to come by and great to see achieved by one person. These accomplishments are indicative of women in the shooting world. In England especially we see brilliant achievements from the likes of Amber Hill, who at such a young age has  achieved brilliant things with a long career still ahead of her. Its great to see the sport appreciate skill and talent alone without prejudice. Regardless of back ground or age, people always appreciate a great shot. To hear “who shot that one” on a game day is often followed up with outstanding compliments to the culprit. The same as watching someone shooting clays like theres no time pressure is awe inspiring.

So thank you to all the women out there shooting, you all do a brilliant job of making the sport accessible and different. You all do a great job of sticking it to the men and make the sport truly diverse and different.

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