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Hunting Grouse over dogs in the USA with Steven Rinella

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With Grouse season certainly upon us its interesting to see the way Grouse is shot across the world. Many of you will already be aware of the Meateater series and Steven’s adventures across the world. In this episode, we see Steven hunting grouse over these excellent Bracco Italiano dogs. This is a huge contrast to driven shooting in the UK but equally as fascinating. While shooting over dogs does happen in the UK we don’t have the opportunity to shoot over huge swathes of public land.

Bracco Italiano on point Gundog Hunting Grouse

This land is accessible through the purchase of hunting tickets bought through the state in the US. While the land looks fantastic, its in stark contrast to the heather we have here in the UK. Not only is the land different but so are the birds. The US is home to a distinctly different species of Grouse than we have here in the UK. The Montana mountain Grouse we see here looks to be a mixture of both Rough & Dusky Grouse. These birds are roughly 25% larger than the Red Grouse we have here in the UK.

What the video demonstrates is something we’ve spoken about many times before. Steven and Ronny have a long standing friendship with a shared interest in hunting and food providence. The trip is about equal parts the hunt and the time spent together. You get the sense that Ronny takes equal pride in his dogs as he does the shooting and even if nothing had been shot he’d have been equally as happy. We also have to note that it’s great to see they’re both using Over and Unders or Side by Sides. It’s often joked that hunters in the US only use high capacity semi autos but clearly not this time.


The idea of walking into public land for hunting grouse in the UK is a completely alien thought. Equally the concept of driven shooting hardly exists in the USA. Equally I’m not sure how many of us have Hunt, Shot and Cooked game all outdoors in the same day. In this difference there comes a lot of similarities. From what I’ve experienced and what you can see here is nothing beats time outside with friends, dogs and a gun. This enthusiasm is evident in every episode of Meateater but feels especially familiar here. While the setting, outfit and accents are different the goal is the same. Like Steven says towards the end, the trip wasn’t about a red letter day but about the adventure. I know many people feel the same in the UK. The sense of excitement about the things you’ll see and the conversations you’ll have are just as important as the game you hunt.

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