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Working from home for the first time in a while I’ve realized how much time I spend sweeping up dog hair. Looking at the amount of hair swept up I’d have thought the dog would be bald. However, he somehow still has his full coat! From my labrador ownership, I’m not sure whats the standard is for shedding. My blonde lab shed an unbelievable amount and his siblings were the same. I’m sure there are some dogs that are better or worse but can I do something to change it?

After a bit of research, it looks like there are a few tips.

Raw Eggs

So this sounds like an oddball suggestion but it’s not unfounded. The egg should be served in its entirety shell and all. Counterintuitive to humans the short digestive tract of a dog means the eggs digested quickly. I’ve taken this extract from the Daily Puppy Blog which is definitely worth a read.

“Essential fatty acids or EFAs are essential to preventing health problems in dogs, often heralded by excessive shedding. Eggs provide an omega-6 EFA known as arachidonic acid, and an omega-3 EFA known as docosahexaenoic acid or DHA, both found in the yolk. These two EFAs are thought to be the most critical for optimum health and to help deter unnecessary shedding. Pasture-raised chickens produce eggs with higher EFAs than cage-raised hens.”


The Field posted a piece outlining some reasons why your dog may shed more than expected. Dogs should be shedding twice a year and then a small amount throughout the year. However, with modern central heating dogs have adapted to shed almost continuously. The tried and tested method of brushing is their go too. While a simple suggestion please double check you have the right brush before you write it off. Dogs with wiry coats will obviously need something different to a smooth-coated dog. Naturally, a quick google search will solve this conundrum.

Quality food

In a similar vein to the raw egg, dogs coats are a reflection of their intake. We all have heard that dogs eat grass when they feel sick, while this isn’t wrong the reason is to supplement the things needed in their stomach. Much like the benefits of the raw food diet tell us, Dogs for hundreds of years were eating raw foods and chewing on bones. In many cases, these vitamins aren’t reflected in modern dry food diets. With the right food, this is possible. We really like the food from skinners as their range caters to dogs before during and after the season to account for activity. Their Website provides brilliant guidance on what your dog should be eating and in what quantities.

Hopefully, this provides a quick guide to slowing the shedding process and also giving some tips to keep your house a little bit less hairy than before!

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