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Getting around Britains countryside can be hard work, steep hills and boggy tracks can slow even the best of us down. Much of this is mitigated by Mules and ATV’s but these aren’t always practical. However, I can’t speak from the perspective of those with mobility issues but the prospect of trying to get up the Cumbrian fells is daunting. I’d like to mention Sam from Sam’s Gundog Journey and Jean-Paul from The Seated Gun. Reading both of their stories they are tackling the obstacles head on and getting out shooting with mobility issues.

Both Sam and Jean-Paul have the approach that they’re not going to let their disabilities determine what they can do. Both Guys have different issues to conquer and have different approaches to how they shoot with mobility issues. Sams perspective revolves much more around him working his spaniel Harry. Jean-Paul’s perspective is of that of a Gun who wished to shoot from the peg on as many days as possible. Sam’s a brilliant young guy who is striving to do more and more days picking up and beating in the North West of England. He drives himself and doesn’t need much help but did need some opportunities. Through last year’s season, Sam got massive traction on Social Media and got invites to joining the shoots more local to him.

Jean-Paul is someone I came across more recently with his article in Shooting Times. Having been around shooting as a young adult it was a hobby more than anything else. After his motor accident, Jean-Paul spent 3 years rehabilitating back to normal life. After some persuasion from his wife, Jean-Paul took up shooting clays again at his local Northampton Shooting Ground. Back into the swing of things, the question of shooting game came up and whether it was possible. As many may expect the biggest issue would be getting to the peg, boggy tracks and deep slopes as standard. With some grit and determination, Jean-Paul has his set up of loader and knobbly tyres and shoots between 20 and 30 days a year.

What’s brilliant to see is that both Sam and Jean Paul have refused to let their mobility issues decide for them. Both of them have adapted to their circumstance and made their fieldsports dreams a reality. They’ve put in the hard yards to be a part of that fieldsports community that were all a part of. Whether its to enjoy the great outdoors or to make new friends Sam and Jean paul have done both. Ten years ago this may not have been possible but with the connected world we live in things have changed. Both of these guys have a social media presence and through this, we can support where we can. It also gives us the inspiration to help personal friends with similar conditions to take some guidance and follow suit.

Both of these characters are great bastions for getting more people into the sport. Watching the support that Sams got is a testament to the fieldsports community. The adaptability of Jean-Paul to not let his mobility stop him shooting is commendable. It would have been easy to be nostalgic about shooting but it’s great to see him back on the horse. For those with mobility issues looking to get into shooting its certainly worth contacting either of these two. You can contact Sam Here and Jean-Paul Here

gameshooting from wheelchair

You can find the full article from Shooting Times Here

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