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This is a great article from Gundog Journal giving a different perspective on dog breeding. The discussion here is on health testing in Gundogs. As we all may or may not be aware there are numerous tests dogs go through before breeding. Usually, this is elbows hips and eyes. However, blood tests are becoming more prevalent we are now testing for hereditary diseases in eyes that may not be currently affecting the dog. What we find out that the dog may be Clear/Carrier or Affected. Clear has no chance of passing on the issue, Carrier has a 50/50 chance of passing on their genes and Affected has a 100% chance. This is made much clearer in the article as the odds change depending on the pairing.

This was an interesting read for me as I have a lab who is a “carrier” for an eye condition. Naturally, this has lead to me being cautious about breeding from him. Otherwise, in his health tests he’s clear with low single digits in his hips and elbows and a low imbreed percentage in his lineage. This article has me rethinking my stance on the situation. He’s been a brilliant dog very calm and pliable with his big red flag being his “Carrier” status.

After some thought, there are big some great queues in this article. For the benefit of the breed in the long term, it seems that Gus here may be beneficial. Considering the attributes he possesses there are many features that id look for when buying a dog again. With this advice to hand, I think I will be making some more advances for my dog to sire some pups. Prior to reading this, I was fairly disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to continuing Gus’s lineage. He’s been a brilliant dog so reading this gave me great confidence.


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For anyone else curious or in the same situation I was id recommend this brilliant article from the Gundog Journal Here

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