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Download and Register

Fill out your name, e-mail and mobile phone number.

The Voucher Code is if there is a promotion, such as a raffle competition. Enter the relevant code from the marketing campaign and following the completion of registration the user will be entered in to the relevant campaign.


Invite a Gun

Initially the first thing to do is go to Guns and allow the App to access your phone contacts, so you can invite a gun.

There are two tabs when inviting a gun. The tab on the left, Registered is people in your contacts who have already downloaded The Shoot App. The tab on the right, Not registered, lists all your contacts who have e-mail addresses within your phone contacts, who have not downloaded The Shoot App.

The ideal way to Invite a gun is via Registered. To Invite a gun who is Not registered, select one or all of the e-mail addresses shown. They will then receive an invitation to download The Shoot App and connect to you as a Gun. If you don’t have their email on your phone contacts, you can invite them by manually entering their e-mail at the top of the Not registered screen.

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Not registered, contacts will only be displayed if an e-mail is saved under their name within your phone contacts.

Alternatively text your friends the App Store or Google Play link to download The Shoot App and ‘gun request’ them via Registered once they have downloaded the app!

As you connect with your Guns, you will receive a notification that you have connected and can message them directly. Start sending images, videos or messages, as well as seeing what you have in common with each gun.

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Syndicates & Home Page

With your list of Guns, you can set up a Syndicate or multiple Syndicates and share shoots, recommend shoots and message the syndicate or the individual guns within the syndicate. Whilst your waiting for your Gun requests to be accepted, you will have a pending invitations listed.

The home page will slide out each time you open The Shoot App and acts as a summary page, displaying the Next shoot, summarising Total shoots and Notifications, for example an invitation to a shoot or gun request. The home page can also be opened any time by pressing the Home icon on the top right.



The shoot bag can either be entered manually by the gun, or once the shoot is a member of The Shoot App and has been assigned a username and password, the shoot can log on via the web site and enter the days bag and quarry and push out to the Host (point of contact) to receive their Digital Game Card.


Photos you and your guns have uploaded of the day. Option to upload on the day through the camera facility within the app, or after the day from your phone's photo library.

An area for you and your guns to upload notes about the day.

Whether you are the Host (point of contact arranging the shoot) or have Accepted or Declined an invitation to a shoot from a fellow Gun.

Which of your Guns you are shooting with on the day or shot with if previous shoot.

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This is where you arrange and enter a shoot.

Choose the Location by entering the name of the shoot. If the shoot is listed on The Shoot App the name will be displayed as you type, allowing you to select the shoot.

If the shoot is not listed on The Shoot App, select Private Shoot, as this will allow you to manually enter the shoot you are attending.

Select the size bag day. Choose the date and invite the guns attending or you wish to attend, with the option to send a message along with the invitation.


The calendar logo at the top left, displays your shoot dates. When a date is selected, the relevant shoot information will open.

Once a shoot has been entered you also have the option to add to your phone calendar as well as your Shoot App calendar.

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Explore is a list of the shoots featured on The Shoot App, giving a brief bio, indication of bag size options, quarry options and images. The shoots are listed in geographic order. The closest ones to where you are will be displayed first.


Filter allows the user to filter the list of shoots, based on required bag size, location and quarry.


Recommend to a gun gives the ability to send the details of the selected shoot your guns. Either an individual gun, multiple guns or one or syndicates. There is also the option to send a message at the same time.

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The camera icon on the bottom right, is available on all screens for quick ease of access.

Once a photo has been taken you are given the option to upload to a shoot. All guns connected within The Shoot App for this shoot will be able to view.

You have the ability to hide images, if you do not want to see any from other guns that day. This will be just for your viewing choice and will not affect any other gun’s images.

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Profile image and summary of your total shoots and guns.


Summary of account details and ability to upload profile image.



This links to The Shoot App web site www.theshootapp.com and takes you to the directory of all things country sports related.


Displays offers negotiated with partners and associates of The Shoot App and links to The Shoot App web site www.theshootapp.com giving further details.

Ability for users to give feedback and recommend a shoot.

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