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The new EJ Churchill Hercules is the cat amongst the pigeons. A bespoke gun for the same price many are pitching their own guns at. We first got our hands on the Hercules at EJ’s stand during the British Shooting Show and thought they were absolutely stunning. The slightly modified Rizzini action is exquisite with an extended engraving sweeping up the side of the forend. We loved the subtly of the engraving paired and with the well figured walnut and the fact they were ‘different’ to what is often seen out in the field, yet not crazy expensive. The end product is a slim and pointable gun with an elegance that flows from muzzle to heel. In terms of a game gun, there is almost no comparison as the extended engraving sets it apart from other shoot day regulars.

The gun can be built to your unique specification in terms of stock shape and barrel length, resulting in a bespoke, unique shotgun at an incredibly competitive price point. There’s almost no comparison between the Hercules and an off the shelf alternative. With the fitting price included you’re ensured that you’ll be shooting the best you ever have. Regularly overlooked, but we often contort ourselves to fit a gun, rather than the other way around. The ease of having a gun in perfect symmetry makes the mount identical each time and shooting a far more pleasurable experience.

We took some time to talk to the Gunroom at EJ Churchills a little more about their project.

What was the decision making for choosing Rizzini as your partner for this project?

We made our choice on a number of factors, having a partner who can deliver the quality and specification of product that we require was a deciding factor. It’s important that in a buying decision like this that the product speaks for itself and the end result here is just that.

What was the motivation to create a bespoke gun at this price range?

It was a challenge to make a bespoke gun at this price with the features we want to offer. Our motivation is to allow our brand to be in reach of more shooters. With many shooters looking to use one tool for every eventuality it was important that we could provide a product that could perform its role anywhere.

How did you decide on the engraving?

We wanted to present a bold and striking engraving with classic lines that would normally be reserved for higher priced guns. The depth of the work makes a far more interesting action than you’d normally expect at this price point. The engraving has plenty of character with new subtitles being noticed every time you look at it. 

Has the Hercules been built as a game gun, a clay gun or a mix of both?

The gun can equally be used for game or clay as required. The versatility of a gun should hopefully leave no question unanswered when shooting. As a fitted gun, the practice made on the clays can be taken directly in the field which is important to improving shot success.

There are some subtle touches made, but which one is your favourite?

The striking boldness of the guns engraving are top for me. What normally can become quite featureless we’ve endeavored to make more interesting and special. The engravings on the top only go to show how much work we put into making a unique and special gun.

Was are the options for chokes in the Hercules?

We have only chosen a fixed choke model for our demonstrator for simplicity, the guns are available fixed or multi-choke as required. While some like the lightness of the fixed choke specification, we also appreciate that the versatility of a multi choke is desirable especially when you are adapting to your surroundings.

How long after the fitting process would you expect your gun to arrive?

With the current state of the world’s gun manufacturers suffering shutdown, this is currently going to be a challenge to answer. Normally I would expect us to have a gun in your hands 6 months after order.

To have a look at EJ Churchill’s Hercules please click Here & to read our hand on review Here.

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