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The Medical Detection Dogs is a charity that we’ve supported for a number of years. Initially, we were so impressed with the dog’s ability to detect prostate cancer but this has evolved. Since we attended a demonstration the scope of work has evolved. Covid has effectively shut down the world this year and with little news on a vaccine, the end isn’t in sight. The work with these dogs however might just change that.

We donated two puppies from The Shoot App litter at the start of this year. We always thought they’d be a help to those suffering from cancer but couldn’t imagine they’d be working on a global pandemic. The work this week was to prepare the dogs for busy environments. While the lab tests are great training, preparedness for commuters, food, pigeons is all new for the trainees.

Matt Hancock’s attendance gives some credence to the work of the dogs. With Dutchess of Cornwall as the patron it’s great to see the dogs getting the air time they deserve. As the video states, the dog detects the scent within half a second. This is a perfect test to be used in high transit areas like train stations and airports. There’s no doubt that the test done by a dog is less intrusive than nose swabs.

The value that these dogs may have is invaluable to us returning to normal. A short turn around for tests will stop people from spreading the virus, especially on public transport. With almost a quarter of a million people using Waterloo station every day (pre pandemic) the amount of people that are at risk is high. Should there be dogs at the gates then this could stop contamination coming through commuter stations.

To see the full clip and article follow the link Here

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