Clay Pigeon grounds open amidst lockdown rules easing

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Finally, some good news at last as clay grounds look to open at last! The CPSA confirmed last week that it had the right assurances that this could go ahead. It’s important here that Clay Grounds shouldn’t be used as an opportunity to socialize. In the most part clubhouses will be limited or shut to limit gatherings of people. There should also be limits on the ground as to how many people can be shooting the course at the same time.

The CPSA is hoping many ground will take advantage of technological systems to ease this process. This may include online payments beforehand including cartridges delivered to your car when you arrive. Paired with staggered starts the aim is to minimize contact with other people on the grounds. This unfortunately, isn’t a return to normal working order. It should feel like a quiet day at the ground but to have them open at all is a huge bonus.

Before you go make sure you get in contact with the ground to see what their availability is as we can imagine the demand will be quite high. This is also a good opportunity to see what facilities will be available like hand sanitizer and toilets.  At the moment tournaments won’t be going ahead as expected but most of them will postponed to a later date.

To read the full document from the CPSA please click here

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