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A big part of shooting is experiencing new things with new people. Many of you have or will take someone shooting and see their eyes light up as they experience it for the first time. From here people will forge support networks and friendships that will last a lifetime. Often when times get tough it’s these individuals that we look to for help and reassurance. The Grief Encounter charity aims to give these support networks to those most in need.

Greif Encounter Charity Clay Day

The Grief Encounter charity are working to support children and young people cope with losing someone close to them. This is a situation is one that nobody deserves to experience. For a young person, this can be phenomenally difficult to manage. This is where Grief Encounters comes in. They work with individuals and larger family units to find the perfect solution for the individual. They cover all bases from online web chat to residential away trips.

The charity is entirely funded by donations and funds raised through charity days. This year, Grief Encounter is running a charity day at Holland and Holland on the 1st of July. This is something that we should all be supporting where possible. A day at Holland and Holland is always a good day out but this time with the added bonus of giving back to those who need it. Entries are available for both groups and individuals to attend.

Greif Encounter Charity Clay day at Holland and Holland

Outdoor activities and time with friends is something we’ve all missed over the last 12 months. Only last year, the NHS began prescribing time in nature for peoples well being. A study from the University of Northampton also concluded on the huge benefits to mental health and wellbeing for fieldsports participants. We hope that the partnership between Grief Encounter and Holland and Holland continues for some time after July 1st.

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