Vegan VS Hunter conversation with Rachel Carrie

The vegan vs hunter conversation rears its head again. This stance is always interesting as many of the values are similar to the other party but the way its approached…

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Recovering a 2004 Range Rover thats been buried for a year

When buying a 2004 Range Rover you’ll be well aware of the common reliability issues that have plagued owners. The BMW vanos unit was quite vulnerable in these units and…

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Jet powered car does laps of Monza

Another one of our passions here at The Shoot App is cars. From classic retros to modern performance cars we hold conversations of the merits of both. One that was…

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How a clay pigeon is made

While at the moment there is no clay shooting usually we’d be spending these sunny evenings out at a clay ground. Sometimes deceptive and tricky these disks quickly become an…

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How diverse are UK’s moors

A brilliant video from the Pace Brothers. Set in the moors of Angus Glens they follow the work of the German Game Conservancy as they investigate animal population groups. From…

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Guy Martin breaking the record for the worlds fastest tractor!

  An awesome video of the fastest tractor in the world driven by the equally brilliant Guy Martin! On his run Guy manages to push his modified JCB FastTrac to…

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