How important is hearing protection when shooting a shotgun?

In the fieldsports world, one thing I see being overlooked time and time again is hearing protection. Shooting competitively at University I went to plenty of competitions and winced at…

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Side 1 scaled

Shooting the Beretta SL3 at EJ Churchills

The Beretta SL3 is the middle ground between hand made and machine made shotguns from the Italian stable. The machine made action is finished by hand including the wood to…

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The Suzuki Jimny is the no frills 4×4 you didn’t know you needed

Yes, you read that right. The boxy Jimny with its tiny stature and limited road presence is the 4×4 you didn’t know you needed. There are a few tricks this…

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Robs car 2

Range Rover ‘L405’ – Should you…?

Range Rovers have always had a bit of a mixed reputation on a shoot.  Maybe even a cliché; ‘Range Rover and black Labrador, Sir?’   I can certainly remember when I…

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Partridge blog

Mastering Partridges

A brilliant article from Schoffel and Simon Ward on getting into driven partridge. Partridge provide its own intricacies over other quarry in the UK. Darting and small partridge make a…

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Whats in my shotgun cartridge?

24grams of this or 30 grams of that. When I first got into shooting I didn’t know what i was looking for. I believed the bigger the numbers meant the…

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