What is the future for Peg Dogs in fieldsports

The Field wrote an article recently stating that Peg dogs are in decline and now tolerated at best. The argument is that shoots have decided to stop guns bringing their…

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Bisley’s High Tower is open for play

For a clay pigeon ground, a high tower can often be the jewel in the crown. This isn’t something that every ground can do, the cranes take up a lot…

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The Stobo Estate goes up for sale

We’ve written before about the Shooting Estates available in the UK. However, Stobo is remarkable and quite special in its history and what it offers. As one of the most…

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Tesla powered Defender built in Wales

We’ve spoken about cars before on The Shoot App. As car enthusiasts ourselves we lament the move from big engines to smaller turbo charged cars and even electric. Especially for…

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Is the Yildiz Pro Sporter the best sub 2K Over and Under

Yildiz has been manufacturing guns for over 40 years. In this time they’ve made all sorts of configurations for the consumer market; from Single Barreled Kids guns to custom over…

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How Browning brought shooting to the masses

At the turn of the 20th century shooting was reserved for the Rich and Powerful. A social occasion for Politicians and influential members of society. The Gun line awash with…

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