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What breed of Gundog suits you?

Wether you’re on the peg or in the beating line the majority of the dogs you’ll see are either a Labrador or a Spaniel. While they’re great dogs however, there…

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Refinishing your Gunstock is easier than you think

A brand new Gunstock is a thing of beauty with an immaculate finish and a mirror shine. After time this finish dulls out and the shine fades. However, with some…

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Gundog training tips to start using now!

Training a Gundog has its unique challenges. A young pup in their formative months is incredibly malleable. The early part of a dogs life is where your dogs most likely…

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Making the transition from Clay shooting to Game shooting

The transition from clay to game is a natural progression. Live quarry offers up challenges that you can’t replicate at a clay ground so its worth reading as much as…

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What cartridges should you be choosing for shooting pheasants towards the end of the season?

With a couple of months on the ground, this seasons pheasants are getting stronger and stronger. As a result the cartridges we were using in October won’t cut the mustard.…

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Whats the right whistle for your working dog?

Dog whistles aren’t just a choice of colour but tone and pitch. Depending on your breed and the way in which your dog works you may want to double check…

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