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Whats the process of getting a bespoke shotgun

Having a perfect gunfit is an often overlooked part of shooting. Everyone worries about barrel length or cartridge choice with both being redundant without proper gunfit. Many off the shelf…

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How to approach shooting with Mobility issues

Getting around Britains countryside can be hard work, steep hills and boggy tracks can slow even the best of us down. Much of this is mitigated by Mules and ATV’s…

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Should you buy a Semi Automatic shotgun

Semi automatic shotguns are a bit of a faux pas in the UK. Often seen as an American import and very unsporting the semi autos bad reputation is based on…

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Tim Bonner cracks down on fake news and shooting

Shooting is a taboo in modern journalism and shooting and fake news go hand in hand. Often sighted as a violent pastime of wealthy men who shoot for fun. This…

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Should you keep your dog in the house or in kennels

This is an age old question. One side saying that a house kept dog is soft and lacks the drive of a kennel kept dog. The other side saying a…

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What can we learn from the family that only ate game meat for a year

Throughout the season many of us will be supplementing our weekly meals with a game alternative. Through the season we will stock up all sorts of game, some for the…

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