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The Land Rover Defender– The Original Shoot Vehicle

With many in furlough and more time on their hands than usual, we’ve seen plenty of people working on their cars. The Land Rover Defender here has been rescued from…

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Update on Dotty and Dixie from the Medical Detection Dogs

As some of you may know, at the end of last year we donated two spaniel puppies to the Medical Detection Dogs. The puppies have been away since the start…

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The Suzuki Jimny is the no frills 4×4 you didn’t know you needed

Yes, you read that right. The boxy Jimny with its tiny stature and limited road presence is the 4×4 you didn’t know you needed. There are a few tricks this…

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Whats the difference between Boxlock & Sidelock actions

The Boxlock and Sidelock actions are the two most popular actions available at the moment. What benefit does each one have and does it make a difference? The Purpose of…

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Whats the process of getting a bespoke shotgun

Having a perfect gunfit is an often overlooked part of shooting. Everyone worries about barrel length or cartridge choice with both being redundant without proper gunfit. Many off the shelf…

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How to approach shooting with Mobility issues

Getting around Britains countryside can be hard work, steep hills and boggy tracks can slow even the best of us down. Much of this is mitigated by Mules and ATV’s…

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