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Dog training guide to suit any puppy

The number of people buying dogs has been stratospheric in the last 12 months. We’ve seen price increases for almost all breeds especially working dogs. While many of them won’t…

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Jeep Cherokee

Is the Jeep Cherokee better than the Defender?

When you think of off roaders in the UK, the Defender may be the first one you think of. The queen has one, James bond had a few and so…

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How has Driven Shooting Changed?

Driven shooting comes in many guises, We have everything from the very private big bag days to the small local farm shoots. While the big driven days give you the…

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Update on Dotty with the Medical Detection Dogs

A couple of weeks ago we posted our update on Dixie who’s had her first year with the Medical Detection Dogs. Here we want to update you on the progress…

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What to look for in a shotgun cartridge

Shotgun cartridges come in all shapes and sizes. Firstly, you have to make sure you’re buying the right cartridge for your gun. You wouldn’t be the first person to pick…

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Is an ATV better for shooting that a 4×4

Running a shoot in the UK is no easy task. The landscape can be steep and often sodden. This makes using a conventional 4×4 potentially prohibitive. Lighter and more function…

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