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How important is eye dominance in shotgun shooting?

In every day life you may be completely unaware of your own eye dominance; but why would you and what does it matter? In 99% of your life whether its…

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Should you breed from you Working Gundog

Breeding from your dog is a thought that will spring into people’s minds throughout their dog ownership. Even before you get to know your dog you may have this planned…

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Bentley Continental GT: Tweed Roof

Bentley is an iconic British brand that has been producing cars since January 1919. Renown for their luxury motors this Bentley is no exception. Their latest carnation of the continental…

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Why do choose to shoot a side by side

In all sports, times change, and the equipment used gets retired to the history books. Tennis and Golf both moved from wood to metal in the pursuit of more control…

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How important is hearing protection when shooting a shotgun?

In the fieldsports world, one thing I see being overlooked time and time again is hearing protection. Shooting competitively at University I went to plenty of competitions and winced at…

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Shooting the Beretta SL3 at EJ Churchills

The Beretta SL3 is the middle ground between hand made and machine made shotguns from the Italian stable. The machine made action is finished by hand including the wood to…

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