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Peg dog

Tips for looking after your dog in the field

Working your dog in the field is often as rewarding as the shooting itself. Whether it’s marking birds from the peg or working through thick cover it’s all the same.…

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Guide to completing an RFD transfer

At some point in our shooting lives we will look to buy or sell one of our guns. While it’s easiest to buy or sell from a gunshop, this isn’t…

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Which Smallbore Calibre should you consider

Picking a smallbore calibre can be a tricky endeavour and will hinge on a number of factors. The real question is how far away from what you already have would…

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Are Smallbore calibres overlooked in the UK

We are a very traditional bunch in the UK, traditionally we graduate from 20 bore to 12 bore and stick with it forever. A few years ago some of us…

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Ian Botham and his beef with the RSPB

Once again the RSPB have been caught up in another web of their own shortcomings. This time a document of their outlining the use of electric fences. The now deleted…

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Choosing a Budget Gun for Fieldsports

We’ve discussed Shooting on a budget before but here we go into depth on where your money is best spent. It can be daunting walking into a gun shop with…

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