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Bentley is an iconic British brand that has been producing cars since January 1919. Renown for their luxury motors this Bentley is no exception. Their latest carnation of the continental is exactly that. A luxury Grand tourer with the choice of either a powerful V8 or W12 both more than capable of helping you lose your license.

Bentley Continental GTC roof down

This one in particular comes with a fetching Tweed Roof. This is the sort of option that would make any fieldsports advocate blush. The thought of taking one shooting is no doubt the pinnacle of quintessential British culture. Whether you match your breeks to your roof is up to you but I certainly would. While the tweed only comes in one colour its a rather nice wheat colour which suits a darker car colour more so than anything too bright.

This is a no cost option so if you’re in the market for a GT cruiser we think this one suits perfectly. In terms of the quality of the car well it’s a Bentley! You have the dials made by Breitling with a few cows of leather cladding the rest of the interior. Like all Bentley Engines, the W12 is hand made in the Bentley Factory in Crewe. This takes the Continental and its 2.4 Tonne frame to 60mph in 3.7 seconds. In terms of luxury convertibles, this may be the fastest on the market.

Dark Green Bentley Continental GTC Tweed Roof

This isn’t a car that you’d drive between drives but certainly one you’d want to arrive in. This will be a wonderful alternative to the army of range Rovers that decent on all shoots during the season. There’s no doubt you’ll be able to add an extra 30 minutes in bed before you leave. This should be a car that you’re more than capable of driving daily. While the economy isn’t comparable to small capacity diesels, 20 mpg on a run isn’t too bad for a car with this much performance.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a purpose built grand tourer with some added British culture then this is it. The exterior of a car has never had tweed and there’s no doubt this looks better than black vinyl. For the countryman/ Countrywoman in all of us, this should be something we aspire too. The combination of a British Gun, British car on a British shoot is the trifecta of British fieldsports.

Bentley Continental New and Old

To have a look at one in your dream spec please click Here

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