About The Shoot App

The Shoot App consists of a small like-minded team, based in the home counties. After around an 18 month development, Shoot App was launched in September 2019 and remains the only Free app for people who Game Shoot.

Perhaps a cliché, but the truth: Created for guns by guns.

The Team

Rob Photo



Likes: Country sports, cars, wine, dogs and travel
Dislikes: Camping


Marketing & Content

Likes: Country life, Skiing, Photography, late nigh harvest
Dislikes: City Life

Harry Photo Circle
Vicki Photo


Office Manager & Accounts

Likes: Living in the countryside, gin, dogs and sports
Dislikes: Caravans


Jack of all trades master of none

Likes: Bringing dirt into the house and finding lost birds
Dislikes: Fish and being ignored

Gus Profile Circle
Grouse Photo


Peg Dog

Likes: Being out in the field as much as possible and tennis balls
Dislikes: Not being allowed to sleep on the sofa


House dog

Likes: Everyone’s business and tennis balls
Dislikes: Guns and fireworks

Slipper Photo
Pepper Photo


Beating dog

Likes: Coming back when he wants and staring at birds through the window
Dislikes: Pigeon’s


Picker up in-training

Likes: Everyone! Squeaky balls and treats
Dislikes: Not being with you all the time

Otto Photo
Lucy Photo



Likes: Chilling, eating, sleeping and tennis balls
Dislikes: Being woken up

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