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Update on Dixie with The Medical Detection Dogs


As some of you may know, at the start of 2020 we donated two Cocker Spaniels pups to work with the Medical Detection Dogs. The work they carry out could not only be revolutionary for cancer but now COVID-19. The first year of these spaniels lives is spent getting accustomed to all environments and becoming well socialised. At a year old, these dogs undergo more advanced training.

The training involves detecting changes in body temperature and scent associated with illness. This is amongst other things that may indicate illness or infection. The dogs can process these scents at a rapid rate and do not require input from computers or labs. They’re also trained to do this in busy environments while keeping their composure. In reality, these dogs could be deployed to high transit areas like train stations or offices. We’ve written before on the training that detection dogs go through which you can read here.

We’re feeling very paternal about seeing our young pup donning her Red Jacket. What’s next is that she will be assessed on what condition she will likely be best at detecting. Whether it’s COVID or Cancer we won’t know for some time but we’re sure she will excel. It’s great to see that our donation is making an impact and that our dogs have gone into working roles. If they can go on to make an impact in the medical world that would be excellent.

Some of you will also know that we donated one other pup called Dotty. We are yet to have an update on her progress but this should come through within a few weeks. When we have an update we will be sure to let you know. As for both dogs, we will be sure to update you all on their progress as they become Medical Detection Dogs.

Dixie the Medical Detection Dog

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