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Rough Shooting during the lockdown


While the Driven game shooting is on a clear hiatus likely until the end of this year, Rough shooting may continue. In the same boat as pest control, Rough shooting is a way of still getting outside within the law. For many people, this might be their first time Rough shooting but it’s something worth investigating.

Provided you have a good dog and the permission you may be in for a brilliant days shooting. Rough shooting strips away all of the guarantees of driven shooting and leaves it to chance and skill. There are no bag numbers or drives just time until the sun goes down. While the landowner will have a good idea of where birds may be, there are no guarantees. Duck ponds and dense cover are best for wild birds but you have to find out for yourself.

Pest control and rough shooting

Under current guidelines, you can go rough shooting as a bubble or with one other person as part of your daily exercise. The condition remains that you can’t travel outside of your local area to do this. Ideally, you’d contact any permissions that you have or local farmers who undoubtedly have a lot of leftover birds from the curtailed season. Communication is key here as understandably many people are concerned about spreading the virus. Don’t assume that any previous permissions are still open for shooting.

Should all the above prove ok then it’s time to get yourself ready. Rough shooting isn’t an easy task and will require fieldcraft and patience. With no guarantee of any birds, this is between you and nature. Don’t expect anything to come easily as you’re likely to walk further and shoot less than any Driven day. However, the outcome is incredibly rewarding and the birds will be well earned. You’re also guaranteed to need a dog, whether they’ve been before or just good for picking up it will help massively. Especially with this current cold weather, birds will sit tight in cover and on your own you may just walk straight past them. For a better idea of what happens when rough shooting click Here.

Rough walked up shooting

You’re also permitted to control pest species including deer. This is an essential part of maintaining biodiversity and increasing crop yield. Like before, please get in touch with your permission owners before you head out. Pest work still falls under essential work but it may be worth printing out contact information and up to date permissions should you be stopped. If you want more information we suggest you look at The Countryside Allowance and BASC websites.

In times like this it’s essential we get out and give our minds a break from our home work spaces. So get outside and if you can enjoy shooting as part of your exercise then do it. A perfect chance to get out, bring some wild game home and fulfill your pest control duties.

Rough shooting and pest control

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