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What Brexit means for Fieldsports


Brexit as a topic is something we haven’t discussed on this website before. It’s been discussed relentlessly since the outcome of the vote but pertinently it does affect fieldsports. As you might expect the biggest impact is on travel and exports. For those who enjoy an extended season on Spanish Partridge for example this is worth a read.

UK Border Brexit

European Firearms Pass

Previously, you’d apply for your pass through your local Firearms office without a fee. You’d wait 2 weeks for confirmation and then inform your travel companies. At this point you had freedom to travel through Europe with your licensed firearms.

The case post Brexit is slightly different. You now must imply individually to each country that you will travel through for the pass. This isn’t an issue if you fly but if you’re driving you will need a pass for each country you go through. We are unsure of how the fees change as this will be at the discretion of the company and countries.

Flying post Brexit

For more information you can read more Here

Exporting birds in-feather after Brexit

For the shoots in the UK who sell birds in feather internationally, the rules have changed. The rules now dictate that direct sales will be no more. Birds in feather will now go through an Approved Game Handling Establishment. The birds will also need to be certified by an authorised Veterinarian.

This puts another cog in the wheel as feathered birds will now be processed in the same manner as prepared birds. While frustrating for many this was expected to happen in due course anyway. Bringing feathered birds inline with prepared birds may only strengthen the value of game birds internationally.

Birds in feather after Brexit

Should you need help with your feathered birds please click Here

New rules for pet travel

This will impact more people that just game shots and infact, anyone who travels with their pet will need to take note. Regular travellers are familiar with the previous Pet Passport system. This would allow you to travel uninhibited through the EU and other qualifying countries with your Pet.

As of the first of this year this has changed. The previous requirements under the Pet Passport are still required but the process at borders are more complicated. You will also need to apply for a new Animal Health Certificate for every trip you take to the EU or Northern Ireland.

There are also certain rules in place regarding the volume of pets taken. You may need certain certificates to take more than 5 pets abroad. This is incredibly important for those who travel for trial events.

Travelling with a dog after Brexit

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