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Rishi Sunak & his viral speech on Grouse Shooting


One thing the fieldsports world isn’t used to is public approval from MP’s but this speech from Rishi Sunak is different. At the time, Rishi Sunak is making the case for his constituents on a 2016 review of Grouse shooting. The speech isn’t about the economics but the social value and the benefits to the people in these areas. The precedent is on the jobs provided and the indirect benefits to the wider community.

It isn’t often you see MP’s speak with such an understanding of how intertwined Grouse shooting is to rural communities. Not only are the benefits of Grouse shooting felt on the moors but across all of the UK as well. Sunak mentions the benefits to local B&B’s in the same vein as the benefits to Gunmakers and clothing manufactures. We’re glad that in 2016 Sunak could see the benefits of driven grouse shooting and the sentiment still rings true today.

Rishi Sunak on a grouse moor

Those who use statements like “shooting birds for fun” or “Rich people ruining the countryside” have a blinkered view of Grouse shooting. The entire industry runs on the work of individuals from all walks of life. The Young gamekeepers and generation Moor owners have the same agenda. Learn the land and improve it through pest control or land management.

Sunak mentions the cost of running the moors and coming into public ownership the moors would become desolate. At one million pounds a week the cost is extortionate but private individuals pay it year on year to maintain this ecosystem. Without it, we will be left with Bracken, pests and in overwhelming numbers. With over 75% of the world Moorland in the UK it needs protecting.

We’re glad to have a fieldsports ambassador in the close circle in Government. With a speech like this we know that our interests are understood and protected. We’ve seen Rishi Sunak go from strength to strength especially this year so we wish him all the best.

You can read the full speech from Rishi Sunak Here.

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