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Our top 5 Instagram accounts


Here is a small selection of some of the most informative or most interesting ‘Country Instagram Accounts’, which we enjoy following and think are well worth a follow! From Sporting Agents to young Gamekeepers there are some brilliant perspectives on offer here.

The Countryside Alliance


The Countryside Alliance is the premier governing body for the fieldsports community. While supporting the work of the community is at the frontline of their work this is only the start. They also lobby and campaign for the infrastructure in these communities. Whether it’s better internet or improved road networks the CA work to make the countryside a modern place. In their work statement, they write.

“We are anything but a single issue organisation and represent the interests of country people from all backgrounds and geographical locations.”

Their active Instagram feed shows the scope of their work. From supporting small businesses to combating wider issues its an impressive body of work on display. If you haven’t seen their page we’d certainly recommend having a look and a follow.


Criddle Fieldsports


Criddle Fieldsports is a Shropshire based shooting agency that arranges shoots in the UK and abroad. Their impressive catalogue of work shows some of the most exclusive shoots on offer throughout the UK and across the globe. Looking at the itineraries you have options from shooting Partmigan in Iceland to Bonefishing in the Bahamas. Owned and managed by Will Criddle, a well known and respected character in the industry, he has an immense passion for fieldsports with an equal enthusiasm for shooting pigeon in a hide as an adventure wing shooting in South Africa. A quote they often use is, ‘It’s more than pulling the trigger and we really mean it. Nothing about what we do for your Shooting Trip is average…we really do go above and beyond!’⁠ From their Instagram page, you get the sense of passion that the team have for putting on the best days across the globe!

Gamekeeper Max


Max’s page is everything that the shooting world should aspire to. A healthy balance between work and play. Whether its a well documented process of caring for moorland and wildlife, or enjoying the fruit of his labour during the season. For many, Max is working the dream job, however he the first to show the more gruelling tasks required and is a lovely character with great knowledge. Working every day of the year, Gamekeeper Max and enjoys the small things, especially his fleet of dogs or his staple of chips and gravy! For those wishing to know a little more about the intricacies of gamekeeping he’s certainly worth a follow and is always more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

The Country Mans Diary


The Country Mans Diary is a stalwart of fieldsport knowledge. Focusing on everything from homeloading to rural landscaping in his native Cumbria.  If you ever meet Carl, you’ll immediately recognise his enthusiasm is infectious and his desire to teach others is his passion.  Posts are informative and provide a perspective many people have. ‘The Country Mans Diary’ is a constant reminder of how much work is required to keek the countryside looking the way it does. With informed knowledge on all matter of subjects, Carl’s a great example of what fieldsports should look like. We’d be surprised if you don’t already, but he’s a man worth following.

Hot Shot Little


Nathan Little is a brilliant character on Instagram and in life! His colourful feed provides relatable insight for those sitting at home wishing they were shooting. Attending an amazing amount of days across the season, sometimes shooting, sometimes picking-up with his trusted ‘Monty’,  Nathan clearly has a passion for the sport and helps many get involved with shoots that look unattainable to most. He’s recently started Monty Social as a marketing company to help bring some up and coming brands to the forefront and with the industry knowledge that he has it seems like a pretty good opportunity for brands looking to appeal to shoots and shooters alike.  Oh, and don’t forget the cigars…

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