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Suzuki Jimny vs Mercedes AMG-G63


Off-Road Vehicles are the staple of the fieldsports community. Big or small we love them all. Whether its the small Daihatsu fourtrak snaking its way up a wooded path or, the luxurious Range Rover delivering its occupants to the peg. This pastime runs on the efficiency of our vehicles and we are constantly looking for the next best thing. Here we are looking at both ends of the spectrum. The budget friendly Suzuki Jimny and the Opulent G63.

Off roader on moorland

Suzuki Jimny

We will start with the Jimny. This latest carnation is the first redesign in 20 years. Thankfully this has brought the boxy 90’s 4×4 into the 21st century and looks good doing it. Powers up from the 3rd generation vehicle by 14.5 HP to a conservative 100.5 HP. While this isn’t much it only weighs as much as a Mazda MX-5. This gives it a better power to weight ratio than a Bentley Corniche with its 6.8 V8. With the torque figures up too this really is a formidable little car. With its modern looks and performance, this is a brilliant car for off roading and the perfect option for someone in the market for an off road shooting vehicle.

Available Here

Mercedes G63

At the other end of the spectrum is the Mercedes G Wagon. The chassis has been completely redesigned adopting a turbo charged V8 putting out more than 6 times the power of the Jimny in both HP and Torque. All this power is required to move around the luxurious interior and 2.5 Tone frame. The Suspension has all the electronic trickery that you’d expect. Whether you’re traversing the country by motorway or negotiating a muddy valley you’ll do so in comfort. Naturally, the G- wagon has ample space for all the Guns and Dogs you may need. Packing up at the end of the day you’ll have the luxury of a heated seat and wheel which you won’t get in the Jimny. This is the leathermans of cars, fast when you need it to be and capable in any environment.

Available Here

The people shopping for these two cars more than likely have different expectations. The G-wagon will take you from Mayfair to the Moors in an afternoon with little trouble. At the same time, the Jimny will be snagging the last parking space that no one else can fit in. It will also be storming up the smaller lanes while the G63 driver might be worried about the optional paintwork. As you’ll see in the video, The G63 gets through all the obstacles without a hitch. However, the Jimny is hot on its heels even through the bonnet deep puddles. This only goes to prove that both of them are perfectly capable of karting you wherever you need across the boggiest shoot. While we doubt anyone will be choosing between the two, we think it’s surprising how far the Jimny punches above its weight.

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