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What to Expect from the Ineos Grenadier


The cease in production of the Land Rover Defender looked to mark the end of super rugged off-road vehicles. Mechanical systems have been replaced with electronics and the 4×4’s are getting softer and softer. The stories of people traversing continents in these vehicles seemed less likely as the toolkit of old is replaced by laptops and sensors. With the demand for well preserved 4×4’s is still exceptionally strong its clear something modern could be what everyone wants.

The Grenadier has broken this mold and shows us that traditional functionality isn’t dead yet. The bold design is reminiscent of older vehicles but the drive train is thoroughly modern. Purpose build ladder frame chassis and up to 400BHP available from a BMW unit. These are the sort of specs people build in their shed rather than buy. The Grenadier looks built to last rather than be replaced in a companies design cycle.

What’s clear is the Grenadier hasn’t been build for city streets but for the harshest obstacles in our path. The car has been designed to get from point A to B through tough terrain. The frame aims to raise ground clearance and to be strong and rigid. While the B57/58 BMW engines have been tested for a few years now in their SUV category to provide performance and reliability.

In the build video, Ineos talk about an ethos of wanting their customers to make the Grenadier their own. They have built the car to be the foundation of people’s dream off-roader. Utility Rails in the rear for lights should you go camping and a roof designed with inbuilt lashing points to open up the roof for carrying cargo. This allows you to use modular systems to customize the vehicle to how best suits you.

The more you look the more you discover and using the Grenadier website you get an understanding of what’s been done. The split tailgate back offers van like utility that we haven’t seen before. You have a boot that can open wider should you need to, or use the small door in closed environments. The suspension has been designed to be rugged yet repairable to deal with rough use. Under the body, it’s clear that this isn’t a revamped Defender but has been purposefully designed for all-terrain work.

There’s huge comfort taken from a manufacturer imploring you to use a vehicle how you’d like. They’re betting on themselves to have built something that lasts. This is commendable in a world that prioritizes form over function. In the fieldsports world, its great to see a car designed to be used. Looking at a Defender on a shoot makes you wonder why they’re still in use. While nostalgia plays a huge part there’s certainly an element of nothings ready to replace it. That is until the Grenadier arrived.

Reveal of the Grenadier for the first time.

To read more on the Ineos website click Here.

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