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How will Corona virus affect shooting


While we all begin isolation many of us will be looking to see if we are able to shoot. This is a contentious issue, as while the guidance is to stay inside. It may fall into vital work as part of someone’s job whether in farming or gamekeeping. This has many people confused. As while the guidance is to stay indoors there are still crops in the field that need protection. It all comes down to whether the work is essential. In the middle of lambing season foxes are still predating. If you are planning to stop this on your own then you very well may be in the remit to perform essential work. In the same vein, if there are certain crops that are being hammered then you can pursue them on your own.

The key is to come into contact with as few people as possible ideally none at all. Please also be aware that many game dealers won’t be open. So please have the provisions in place to process what you do shoot as there aren’t any outlets taking them on at the moment. This advice tends to suit landowners as they will be working their own ground and shouldn’t be seeing anyone else. If you have permissions then id strongly suggest getting in contact with the landowner and seeing their stance. If they have elderly family members at home they may not be so keen to have you there.

For the clay shooters out there this becomes trickier still. All the clay ground are now shut for the foreseeable future. The thought that you may be able to break quarantine in gloves and a mask won’t work. There are some things you can do at home. You can practice your mount and footwork but other than that you are going to be rather stuck. Unless you have a clay trap and the land to use it in isolation, then you really will be sitting this one out for the foreseeable future.


This guide from Shooting Times goes into more depth as to how shooting will be affected so please read more Here

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